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3 Ways to Store Your Pistachios

Though the occasion of having extra pistachios is rare, we thought it might be practical to give you a few ways to keep your surplus stash fresh n’ tasty. Check out our three ways to store extra pistachios in case old Saint Nicholas leaves you an extra bag or two.

1. Airtight Containers
Probably the best and most effective, air tight containers will keep your pistachios from absorbing moisture and going stale. You can also store them in the freezer or refrigerator for maximum freshness (just be sure to thaw the frozen ones). If you’re looking to store your pistachios for an extended amount of time, we suggest this route.

2. Re-sealable Bags
Need to store your pistachios for a day or until your next snacking session? Yours truly has found re-sealable bags to be a good way to store pistachios for a couple of days or less.

3. Rubber Band or Tape
For the truly addicted, storing pistachios means only for a few hours. Try wrapping a rubber band around the bag or re-sealing it with a bit of tape! We fancy, huh?

Have any other great ways to store your pistachios? List all the ones we forgot to mention in the comments!