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5 DIY Crafts for Pistachio Shells

After polishing off a bag of Wonderful Pistachios, do the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) repeatedly taunt you? Wondering how to make use of all those leftover shells? Well we’ve scoured the web for our five favorite DIY crafts so you can go on snacking while creating beautiful art for the world.

1. Pistachio Shells as Art

Crafty blogger — SwapnaSridhar — envisioned pistachio shells as art by using a hodge-podge of leftover items around the house. See how a cake base and painted pistachio shells created an image of this lovely peacock.

2. Christmas Ornaments

The age-old craft of creating Christmas ornaments never gets old. Better Homes and Gardens uses their pistachio shells to emulate a pine cone.

3. Fashionable Brooch

New York Fashion Week has nothing on these colorful brooches. If you’re feeling like your outfit needs a pop of color, try recreating these by Reloved.

4. Fruit Bowl

Pistachio shells are pretty good at holding their tasty treats inside, so why not create a bowl to hold equally delicious items like fruit…or more pistachio shells? Instructables shows you how an appetite for pistachios and Elmer’s glue can create a fruit basket.

5. Mosaics

Create eco-friendly mosaics with dyed pistachio shells and pasta. We deem this a fun project for the little ones — especially if they go out and collect other organic elements (twigs, leaves, etc) for their creations. We think Quirky Momma does it best with her twig-framed artwork and napkin holder designs.

Have you turned your pistachio shells from trash to treasure? Post your ideas in the comments or any photos on our Facebook page.