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Pistachio Wars: Shelled or In-Shell?

Eating less and losing weight is no easy task (especially with our New Year’s resolutions looming over our heads), but our friends over at Men’s Health Magazine reported an interesting statistic about your beloved pistachios.

A study at the Eastern Illinois University concluded that people who had to get crackin’ on the in-shell variety consumed less calories than those who consumed shelled pistachios. We know nothing will stop you from getting those tasty morsels out of their shell (not even a closed nut), but do you prefer shelled over in-shell? Even if it means eating a few more pistachios?

Luckily, Wonderful Pistachios has your back regardless of which variety you prefer. Check out our Roasted & Salted In-Shell Pistachios and our Roasted & Salted – Shelled Pistachios.

Have a good argument for why shelled nuts reign supreme? Write a review and tell us why you’ve decided to bypass the get crackin’ so you can immediately start snackin.

End this debate: which pistachios do you love better – shelled or in-shell? Leave your answers in the comments section of this blog!